Contact us: To make an appointment

Call us to schedule an appointment. Our telephone number is provided below.


Scheduling an appointment is "required" as we do not accept "walk in" or unscheduled appointments.
** We may not be able to reschedule any canceled appointments immediately. All appointments are on a 'first come and first served" basis.  


** We are currently scheduling appointments for two days per week. Our opening hours and clinic days will vary (based on the number of patients being served and plus the number of our volunteer staff available to serve a given schedule for each week) and is therefore 'subject' to change.


** We currently do not provide specific services related to disability claims.


** While we do our very best we can (as a volunteer clinic), to assist patients for free, there are times we may 'exercise' our right to refuse service to any of the patients. In addition, our clinic may 'limit' services and the number of patients served, due to our 'out-of-pocket' expenses.


** Patients are responsible for their own lab fees and other diagnostic fees (if the clinic's doctor or nurse practitioner orders any type of testing). We will refer patients needing such as - blood work and other tests to providers who may arrange for 'special pricing or reductions' to those patients who may incur lab fees and other diagnostic fees.


** If we are unable to serve you or schedule an appointment, please call the local community resource agency, by dialing 211.The resource agency can assist you with an alternate service location.


** We do not provide emergency services. If you believe or feel that you have a medical emergency, you must dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.


** We do not cover the costs for your prescription medications. But we can direct you as a patient to local pharmacies that we have mutual agreements with. They will be happy to discuss "lower" costs to you as a Three Angels Clinic referral.


** There is a copy fee for making copies of all your medical records at the clinic.

Three Angels Clinic Inc

4817 NE 2nd Loop, Ocala, Florida 34470, United States

Telephone: Main line - or Voice messages 352 509-6350 Email: Follow us on Twitter: @3AngelsClinic Business mail: PO Box 772774, Ocala FL 34477

Clinic hours

Days and hours vary. Call us to schedule and appointment.

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