Welcome to Three Angels Clinic. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 free clinic.

About our healthcare services

Our Health Mission


Three Angels Clinic is a private, independent and faith based clinic located in Ocala, Florida.

The clinic pride's itself on having a wonderful selection of experienced and caring medical professionals, who love serving the sick. Our team is also made up of non-paid volunteers! These medical volunteers who work for free at our community clinic, believe that by giving back to others in need and by putting their Christ like "faith" into action, delivers the perfect results for the patient's health and wellness. Both these areas (for our medical volunteers and providers) play a major role in what we do "best" in healthcare. Three Angels Clinic and our staff, especially places "our" focus on those patients who are deemed "eligible" to receive "free" primary care. We are proud to provide a high quality level of customer service, medical experience, and commitment to health and wellness to our patients. Our goal is to make each patient feel better as quickly as possible.



Volunteerism is not for "everybody" or "anybody", especially in community healthcare. But healthcare is changing in America. Bigger healthcare systems have come to appreciate and embrace the kind of value that medical volunteers provide. The number of uninsured patients, has NOT dropped nationwide. But instead, the burden to major healthcare centers is still growing. The costs and expenses related to un-billable services continues to grow, despite the ongoing efforts by most hospitals to 'control' or reduce the problem. Our volunteer 'free' clinic is just one of a few local (privately own clinics), playing a role in mitigating redundant costs to local emergency departments at local hospitals. The appreciation for volunteer clinics (like ours) is growing. We pray that Three Angels Clinic will continue to do the best we can to make a real and positive "difference" within our community. We do welcome serious (retired and/ or active) medical professionals who want to help us, to apply with us and join our volunteer team. Help us "give back" to those patients who need "basic" medical care and other related support services.



Since 2012, Three Angels Clinic has been 100% "blessed" (literally), by and through friends and strangers, along with some private grant organizations and etc, to keep our volunteer clinic operations running. What is equally heart-warming, is the fact that even our own (non-paid) volunteers give monetary contributions for the mission cause. Most of our donations have come from outside of Marion County. Our Out-of-State donors remain great! In 2018, the Ocala City Government provided a one year grant, that assisted our clinic with addressing patients who needed social service referrals and etc. We thank all of our donors and granters, for every dollar given to help our volunteer staff clinic, help address the health and wellness of our local community, and in particular those deemed the "eligible" working poor and uninsured residents who need medical help and/ other related support we provide.

** Donations are tax deductible to our 501c3 non-profit volunteer clinic. 

Donations can be mailed to: Three Angels Clinic, Post Office Box 772774, Ocala, Florida 34477. Your donations on-line can be done via PayPal service. Your can go to PayPal from our website (found in the middle of the first page) or you can go to our GoFundme page which is (below). Click and open 


Give your heart, donations and other efforts to this medical mission. We invite medical organizations, private sector groups and local individuals who would like to help us continue doing more for others.