• Ocala’s Healthcare Clinic for the uninsured

  • For an appointment, call 352.509.6350
    All emergency needs, you must call 911.

Would you like to help the Three Angels Clinic by helping with some of our most pressing needs? Here’s a list of what the clinic can use right now:

On-site Medical Volunteers

We’re looking for dedicated physicians and nurses who are willing to provide regularly scheduled on-site care. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Volunteer hours that you offer up for clinic service is tax deductible.
  • Professional liability protection (as a volunteer) is 100% free to you.
  • You will have control over patients and how many hours (monthly).
  • The personal reward just knowing you made a difference is priceless.

Service Partners

  • Diagnostic services partners (including lab and radiology).
  • Dentists whom we can refer our patients to, for dental care.
  • Off-site medical specialists whom we can refer our patients to.


Real Estate

Many free clinics operate out of spaces that are donated. The donor may deduct the donation for tax purpose, (please confirm deductions with your certified public accountant). We are in need of a permanent location from which we can operate. Having a space of our own will allow us to be able to treat many more patients.

Please call us at 352.897.6138 or email us if you can help or can put us in touch with people who can. Thank you!

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